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Publications Related to UIH uEXPLORER PET Scanner

This is a webpage collecting publications related to a specific product, i.e. United Imaging Healthcare uEXPLORER total body PET scanner. These publications are peer-reviewed journal articles and conference abstracts which involved the uEXPLORER and its product line, or those directly discussing such equipment. For conference abstracts and proceedings, another webpage was edited to keep a record.

I am not an official source, so the list only reflects my personal opinion. I would appreciate it if anyone is willing to participate and contribute to this list.


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The list above is automatically generated from a manually-maintained BibTeX file. I rely on notifications from Google Scholar, Web of Science, and Scopus. Currently, I am keeping the BibTeX file private, but if anyone is interested, I might put it on a Git repository to receive pull requests.

For now, please contact me if you think there is a new (or missed) article involving uEXPLORER, and I will add it here after verification.

BibTeX template

The template for the BibTeX entry is like this:

author={Author list as appears in publication},
url={especially if no DOI},
pmid={if applicable},
institution={Insitution1; Insitution2},
category={#Category1; #Category2},
keywords={Tag1; Tag2}
There are some conventions to observe:


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