In MATLAB, the processing of DICOM files is taken care of by the Image Processing Toolbox. However, as far as I know, this toolbox does not support metadata indexing via numerical tags. In 3D DICOM by developers of United Imaging uEXPLORER, due to the hierarchy structure, indexing through tag names is very inconvenient.

Here, I am keeping a list of the relationship between the 2D DICOM tag and the corresponding 3D DICOM tag. I hope it will help people working with 3D DICOM files on MATLAB.


  • Rescale Slope
Item Value
Tag 0028, 1053
2D DCM RescaleSlope
3D DCM SharedFunctionalGroupsSequence.Item_1.PixelValueTransformationSequence.Item_1.RescaleSlope

Radionuclide properties

  • Radiopharmaceutical half life
Item Value
Tag 0018, 1075
2D DCM RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSequence.Item_1.RadionuclideHalfLife
3D DCM RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSequence.Item_1.RadionuclideHalfLife
  • Radionuclide total dose

The injection dose at the Radiopharmaceutical Start Time

Item Value
Tag 0018, 1074
2D DCM RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSequence.Item_1.RadionuclideTotalDose
3D DCM RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSequence.Item_1.RadionuclideTotalDose
  • Radiopharmaceutical start time
Item Value
Tag 0018, 1072
2D DCM RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSequence.Item_1.RadiopharmaceuticalStartTime
3D DCM RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSequence.Item_1.RadiopharmaceuticalStartTime

Decay correction

  • Decay correction

The time point of decay correction (“NO”, “START”, “ADMIN”)

Item Value
Tag 0054, 1102
2D DCM DecayCorrection
3D DCM PerFrameFunctionalGroupsSequence.Item_1.PETFrameCorrectionFactorsSequence.Item_1.DecayCorrection

More about 3D DICOM

2D DCM or 3D DCM?

I use this syntax to determine whether the dcm file read is 2D or 3D.

info = dicominfo("dicomfile.dcm")

try info.SliceLocation;
    disp("Reading 2D DICOM files.")
    disp("Reading 3D DICOM files.")


The PerFrameFunctionalGroupsSequence is a collection of individual metadata which would otherwise be in each slice (2D DICOM file). It has multiple Items, and the i‘th slice is represented in PerFrameFunctionalGroupsSequence.Item_i.