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Latest Posts

  • Notes on tags of UIH 3D DICOM in MATLAB

    In MATLAB, the processing of DICOM files is taken care of by the Image Processing Toolbox. However, as far as I know, this toolbox does not support metadata indexing via numerical tags. In 3D DICOM by developers of United Imaging uEXPLORER, due to the hierarchy structure, indexing through tag names is very inconvenient.

  • 核医学及辐射防护相关的法律法规与标准


  • Resources on standards, regulations and guidelines in nuclear medicine

    The practice of nuclear medicine involves various variables, which is influenced by the equipment, the radiopharmaceuticals, patient preparation, and etc. Standards, regulations, and guidelines have been established to ensure the best-possible practice could be implemented in various centers. In this post, these regulations are summarized.

  • Determine odds ratio from logistic regression

    In clinical statistics, many people know that the exponential of logistic regression coefficients makes the odds ratio. However, there is a very simple and straightforward explanation to that which is omitted by most online blog posts of this topic. I am here to do the extremely simple math to show you why.

  • Article tense checklist

    There used to be several guidelines on the internet which included some kind of a checklist, to indicate which tense is to be used in a specific situation. However, they sadly disappeared from the first page of Google. So I decided to build my own, and supply them with examples whenever possible.
  • Windows 10 下 Powershell 无法使用 conda 命令及中文乱码问题

    In this post, I am going to explain how I failed to use the conda command on a machine with Chinese version of Windows 10, even though I have added the relevant directory to the PATH variable. The problem lies in the Chinese characters in the default path for the Profile.ps1 file. The problem is solved by copying the faulty profile file to the correct destination, and specifying the encoding.

  • A collection of useful coding snippets

    I believe every programmer has his/her own repository of coding snippets. I used to manage it with OneNote and EverNote. I am going to manage the core part here.

  • Specific activity of carrier-free radionulicdes

    Lately, several different collaborators thought about incorporating molecular imaging into their research. Without too much experience in radiolabeling technique, they turned to me for advise. However, one of the central concerns that they share, is “how much amount of atoms are in the specific dose of radioactive materials”. Wether in moles or in grams, they are always eager to at least get some number to grasp upon.

  • Good practice for collaborative revising a manuscript in LaTeX

    LaTeX is our first option when writing a research paper, unless our collaborators have trouble using it. However, there is no standard solution for collaborative manuscript editing and revising. In my opinion, the best way to do it is to use some macros and do it manually.

  • Hack tricks to make life easier

    To stay organized when using the (Windows) computer, I have to rely on various softwares, addons, and scripts. Here, I am keeping some note to facilitate the choirs related to the computer.

  • Tricks in maintenance of coding environments

    Various toolchains have been set up to facilitate daily chores. However, setting up and maintaining the environment becomes troublesome. Here, some common commands and methods are summarized.
  • Statistical plots in clinical studies

    Plot analysis is a unique feature in medical statistics, and is widely used in all aspects of data science. Here, several types of plot analysis are summarized, including the appearance, utility and implementations.

  • Checklist of some statistical parameters

    There are various statistical parameters, especially metrics, that are rather confounding. Here is a list as a quick reference.

  • Journals for nuclear medicine technology

    A bunch of journals publish papers on the clinical aspects of nuclear medicine, however, much fewer ones would accept papers on the technical part. Here is a list on some of the potential targets.

  • Dynamic PET imaging itinerary

    In this post, I am summarizing some materials on dynamic PET imaging, especially the compartment model analysis.